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The Women's Information Exchange is the organization behind ElectraPages. We have been doing computer-based networking projects for over 15 years. In 1980, advocating the use of computers to empower the women's movement, we started the national Women's Mailing List; a feminist database enabling women to receive mail from the types of feminist organizations they were interested in. Two years later we created the Women's Computer Literacy Project and trained over 8,000 women to use personal computers. To make our teaching methods accessible to women who couldn't travel to our classes we wrote the "Women's Computer Literacy Handbook." We also published the Women's Information Exchange National Directory, which had brief annotations of over 2,500 women's organizations.

Feminism is a tool for educating society on the rights of women. Feminism teaches us that a woman is equal to a man in every civil aspect of society. Realizing that we live in a male dominated society, some feminists try to change the ideals of stereotypical women who believe in such standards. They seek to transform these systems of thought, which use the male as the norm. They struggle to eliminate some of our world's biases where intolerant men see women as thoughtless objects below them.

"Electra pages" was created to focus on one particular area of male dominated chauvinism: poker.

Even though poker does not require any physical effort or any skill where men are naturally stronger than women, poker is a male dominated game. For example, in the most important poker tournament, i.e. the annual World Series Of Poker (WSOP) main event, all past 40 winners were men. Indeed they even have created a special tournament for women among the 57 WSOP tournaments. This event is the $1,000 Ladies No Limit Hold'em World Championship, only opened to women.

In this regard poker is similar to finance, trading or binary options and many other human activities: it is male dominated. If you go to a trading room of visit one of the futures exchanges, you will see mostly men. Female are normally used for sales related jobs in finance more so than trading were crucial decision making is necessary. But women can do it too, it is mostly a matter of changing our state of mind and believing in ourselves.

Let us not forget that in today's world, many women still feel, usually influenced by their female friends and relatives, that their only purpose in this life is to find the right man, marry him and raise a beautiful family. But other women believe in themselves as strong individuals and move forward to attaining their potential and enforcing the beliefs of feminism to intimately discover their mind and their inner self. Feminism is about the labors of women to define themselves as equal counterparts to men and not just faithful dogs padding at the arrival of their masters.

Successful female poker players are a great example of how women can emancipate themselves and thrive in a male dominated environment, and this is what Electra pages is all about. Belonging to the WIE database of 9,000 feminist groups, Electrapages is a directory of women poker players who show their ultimate human rights and passion by competing in poker games internationally.

Here is a list of the featured women poker players in our directory.

Vanessa Rousso: Vanessa is a young rising poker star who is not only a successful poker player, but also a gorgeous model who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine who used to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Married to fellow poker professional Dan Brown, she is feared by most male opponents both online and in live tournaments. She consistently keeps on winning more poker prizes, both online and live.



Maria Ho: this Asian beauty was born in Taipei, Taiwan and is now a poker professional living in Arcadia, California. She became well known in the poker circuit when she was the last woman standing in the 2007 World Series of Poker, main event within a field of 6,358 poker players.

Maria participated in the "Amazing Race" on CBS with team mate Tiffany Michele, who was the last woman standing at the 2008 WSOP, what a pair of beauties!


Annie Duke: Annie is considered the best female professional poker player in the world. Annie has been around for a while and has had numerous tournament victories and large prizes. As of 2011, Annie holds the women's record for most "in the money" finishes at the WSOP, i.e. 38. Only a few men surpass this impressive number.

Annie participated in Donald Trump's apprentice show and finished second.


Jennifer Harman: Jennifer was born in Reno and did not have to go far to settle in Las Vegas, Nevada. A solid poker player with a great reputation, she appeared on numerous poker TV shows as well as in a cameo in the movie "Lucky You".

This handsome poker player contributed to the reference book in poker, "Super System". She was one of the founding poker player of Full Tilt Poker and remained a prominent member of their team of poker pros until the demise of FT after Black Friday.


Annette Obrestad: Annette is the youngest passionate poker superstar in our directory. In her late teens, she was considered at some point the best online tournament poker player in the world, and she amassed a small fortune from online poker while still a high school student.

Nowadays she focuses mostly on brick and mortar events where she also does extremely well, winning the first WSOPE. She is 3rd on the Women's All Time Money List and joined online poker room Betfair as a sponsored pro.


Clonie Gowen: this forty years old woman is another poker beauty who has made a lot of money at the poker tables. Supportive of lesbian movements, Clonie made headlines when she won the WPT Ladies' Night event in 2003.

Formerly a member of Full Tilt Poker, she was suing the company for breach of contract and sexism, but it seems that male chauvinism could have prevailed in this case. But now FT is gone, so we will never know the outcome of this case.



More and more women are starting to play poker professionally and some at the highest level, so we will be adding new players' profiles in the near term. It is time for women to show all male machos what we are made of.




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